Tales from The Temple: Ep 12

I think some of you believers out there were a little let down with last week’s Lucha Underground show. I wouldn’t have blamed you, it wasn’t the greatest week for the El Ray wrestling show. However this episode reminded us why we all became fans in the first place. Lucha Underground has top class wrestling. This week’s show had some amazing matches, so with further ado, here are my thoughts on episode 12.


Getting a Shot
The opening match saw Killshot take on Argenas. The contest itself was okay, not super but still pretty good. There wasn’t much of a story behind the match. Which could have been the reason I wasn’t that crazy about this one.
I think Killshot is being built up for something bigger. He has been getting quite the push as of late. We’ve seen him in action nearly every week as of late. A vignette which depicted Killshot’s past in the military was aired recently aswell. It seems he is getting quite a bit of exposure. This could mean that there are big plans for Killshot in the near future.

A New Challenger

This week’s show featured a debut from an AAA star. Daga faced Texano in his first match for the promotion. Personally I’m not all that familiar with the Mexican wrestling’s scene bar the guys and gals on Lucha Underground. So when I get to experience a wrestler I’ve never seen before I’m always excited. Daga was somebody who certainly didn’t let me down.
Vampiro on commentary explained Daga was a strong style wrestler. Vamp’s description was on the money. Daga threw some stiff strikes in the ring. His slap across Texano’s face genuinely looked really sore.
Both himself and Texano put on a great match. I really enjoyed seeing some strong style on a prodomintly Lucha Libre show. I definitely think this change of pace added to this awesome match. The fact the winner would get an Aztec Medallion gave fans a reason to care. All that was left to do was for both men to wrestle their hearts out. It was a great back and forth fight that put fists over flips. After a great battle Texano took the win aswell as the first of the Aztec Medallions.

The Lucha All Stars
So Lucha Underground clearly missed a huge opportunity. They didn’t use my “Justice League of Lucha” name for the team of Mysterio, Puma and Dragon. But Matt Stricker’s All Stars wasn’t bad either.
This team were in trios action against Taya, Johnny Mundo and Brian Cage. Classic Dario! Personally I loved this match. Fans got to see some of Lucha Underground’s best talent, putting on a super hot preformance in one ring. It was a main event that reminded us Lucha Underground has some of the best wrestling on the planet.
Cage and Mundo did a great job of the classic unlikely tag team stick. The tags got more and more aggressive, eventually this boiled over when Cage smashed Mundo with his trademark discuss clothesline. I’m still a fan of this storyline. Both men have a unbelievably convincing hatred for each other on screen.


The build for Rey Mysterio’s hot tag was brilliant. It’s clear fans absolutely adore Mysterio. So I thought it was pretty smart to have Dragon Azteca and Prince Puma take a beating early on in the the match. This got the crowd hyped up for Little Rey Rey to finally get in the ring and work his magic.
The match was packed with false finished and some unbelievable moves. The pace sometimes went from WWE Superstars opening match to PWG main event run in. The tempo changes kept me on the edge of me seat and in awe of the atheism on display. These fast sequences were amazing to watch. Dragon Azteca’s DDT was a thing of beauty. I picked my jaw up off the ground. I caught my breath. Then I could finally agree with the crowd as they chanted “That was Awesome”. Don’t take my word for it feast your eyes on this?


What did you guys think of this week’s show? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.
And for our weekly “Cool Lucha Thing” I’ve answered a question so many of you have been asking. What would Brain Cages Pokemon Card look like? Okay so I haven’t exactly got that question but here it is.


Brendan Kenny


2 thoughts on “Tales from The Temple: Ep 12

  1. It was just a bit better than last week, just because of the main event.

    Killshot is finally evolving into something interesting.

    Saw nothing interesting on Daga. Never have been a fan of Texano either.

    Next week could be epic. Mil Muertes vs. Matanza Cueto. Will be the return of Pentagon?

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