Tales from The Temple: Ep 11

It’s that time of the week again, lucha time! It was a busy week in the temple with new tournaments, title matches and more storylines then believers could hope for.

A Slow Start

Lucha Underground are a promotion that do quite a bit of intergender wrestling. We rarely see two woman going one on one in the temple. However this week the show was opened with Ivalesse vs Kobra Moon.
If you have read previous Tales from the Temple, you’ll know I wasn’t too impressed with Kobra Moon on her debut. This week she did nothing to change that opinion. The match was very slow. I thought both wrestlers over used submissions and rope breaks. This all led to a awkward looking sun set flip like move to finish from Ivalesse. Personally I think Ivalesse is a superb preformer, but she didn’t have much to work with as Moon wasn’t on the same level. It looked like Kobra Moon was more concerned with acting like a snake then actually wrestling. Which I could only imagine left Ivalesse with a hard job.


It would have been nice to see a really good woman’s match on this show given the week woman’s wrestling had in WWE. There is almost enough talent to run a woman’s division in Lucha Underground I believe. With the likes of Ivalesse, Taya or even Sexy Star there are plenty of good matches on paper. I don’t think Kobra Moon is on that bill just quite yet. However that’s a discussion for another day. Let me know in the comments if you guys would like to see a piece on a Lucha Underground woman’s division on Wrestling with Breakfast.

Team Building with Dario

Dario Cueto is back in business so this means he is bringing back his own creation, The Trios Tournament. I really liked this concept last year as it was a place that really advanced storylines on the show. It also gave fans some really great in ring action. The kick off to this year’s competition most certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s also very clear now Dario has a thing for disfunctionality. He partnered The Mack with Marty the Moth and his sister Mariposa. This team took on The Crew who were paired with Joey Ryan.

I thought Joey Ryan was absolutely hilarious during this match. I’ve enjoyed his work so far in Lucha Underground and this week gave me even more of a fan of the King of Sleaze. Like a five year old boy he shoved the Crew members out of the way, making sure he got all the spotlight during the entrance. I still get a giggle out of his “In the Face” line after delivering a dropkick.
While Joey stole the pin after Castro and Cortez delivered their finishing move, The rivalry between Sexy Star and Mariposa took a really good twist. The match was full of blind tags and lots of fighting between teams. So needless to say Mariposa wasn’t best pleased when The Mack got pinned. As she proceeded to literally kick him while he was down, Sexy Star came out to save her friend. Over the last couple of weeks fans have seen Sexy Star very freighted by Mariposa. But for the first time Sexy Star stood up for herself and beat the living daylights out of her Moth advisory. This most certainly makes the story much more interesting, now it looks like fans have a revengeful Sexy Star on their hands. Something I definitely want to see. This animosity is definitely what the story was missing and I’m now invested. Let’s see where it goes from here.


Justice League of Lucha

I don’t usually talk that much about the awesome Lucha Underground vignettes. Normally I’II mention them to explain a story. But fans saw an excellent vignette on this week’s show that I just had to discuss.
A new team for the trios tournament was revelled for next week’s qualifying match.
A Batman looking Mysterio gave Dragon Azteca a pep talk, telling him they must take down Matanza for the honour of his tribe. He then explained that they will be in the trios tournament along with Prince Puma. The shot of all three men standing side by side looked like some kind of new super hero team. The Justice League of Lucha (that’s what we are calling then now) are most certainly a dream team. I am super excited to see how they work together.

Squash Matanza…. Hold Up

The main event was contested for the Lucha Underground title. Fenix got his rematch against the Monster Matanza. Simler to last week, it was a one sided match for the Champion. They are doing a great job of pushing Matanza to be a heel people want to see lose. I remember watching the match and half way through being certain Matanza was taking this home. Just as he was pinning Fenix I thought “who’s going to take this guy out?”


My question was quickly answered as Matanza was attacked from behind by Mil Muartes. Finally we have an oppent for this Monster that makes us question the dominant champion. Mil himself held a tight grip on that title and destroyed one of Lucha Underground’s biggest stars. This could be the man to take down Matanza. Well if LU’s newest super hero team don’t get to him first!

Thanks for reading this week’s Tales From the Temple. What did you guys think of this week’s show?


Ohhhh and here a Cool Lucha Thing for the week!!! Check out this awesome Mil Muartes fan art.


Brendan Kenny


7 thoughts on “Tales from The Temple: Ep 11

  1. I also thought the show was just average. This week Smackdown was better.

    Ivelisse made the best she could of that match. I feel Mariposa and Sexy Star are on the same performance level as Kobra.

    The trios match was the best of the night. Matanza needs a change. He can’t be the super heel. Mil Muertes did it better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, Matanza is getting kind of old. Now that you say that, he is very similar to Mil.
      Yeah Smackdown far surpassed it. I think they it was one of those shows that are just building for the future.

      Liked by 1 person

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