WWE 2K18: Not Sold on Rollins as Cover Star

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I have no issues with Seth Rollins. I’ve met him, he’s a damn cool guy, and he’s a hell of a WWE Superstar. Last year would’ve been a better year for him to be on the cover. Since returning from injury he’s been irrelevant. Last year he was the raining champ and arguably the biggest star in the WWE. The same can’t be said for this year. The future is bright for Rollins. WWE games aren’t going anywhere. Rollins could be on the cover years down the road. Instead they put him on it this year when it makes no sense.

The Undertaker was who I was hoping for. He retired and he’s the most iconic figures in WWE history. Maybe not the most popular to fans outside of wrestling, but to wrestling fans he’s the ultimate legend. One of the most respected stars of all time. My hope is that a franchise mode is centered around Taker. My other hope is the collector’s edition of the game is centered around Taker.

It sounds like some serious improvements are being made to career mode which is great, but universe mode needs the biggest overhaul. Universe mode gets stagnant and eventually is the reason I quit playing the game. This at the end of the day is the bread and butter of the game. It’s the longevity of the game. So why is it always the same shit? 

Commentary can really use a major upgrade as well. A new commentary team is a fresh start but can it sound like real commentary? 

More information will be released but it sounds like 2K18 has potential to be great, but I said that about 2K17 and was dissatisfied. Not that I didn’t think it was a good game, just felt like there was way more to be desired. 


2 thoughts on “WWE 2K18: Not Sold on Rollins as Cover Star

  1. I agree with you, but Taker already had his Collector’s edition (which I own and love his autograph).

    Just seems they want to stay away from the usual release and make this one bigger.

    Maybe less legends and more active roster? I also expect Taker to be an important part of the game. Maybe streak-like mode? A taker showcase would be epic!


  2. Legends are the only thing keeping me playing 2K17… the universe mode I’m playing is all the old school wrestlers and arenas because that’s when I loved wrestling. I am so off and on with it today, but I do want more current wrestlers than old school. It would be awesome for a Monday night Wars showcase, it’s been in fans wishlist for years, but we’ll never see it.


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