Smackdown, April 14th

Just above average show.

“Miz TV” kicks off SmackDown with Maryse

Seeing Ryder still in the picture is a good sight.

Zack Ryder vs. Baron Corbin

Pretty good match. hard fought match with Corbin on top. Dolph came to make the save as they keep marching towards their feud.


Paige vs. Emma

Keep loving the “new” Emma. New, because I’ve been enjoying her for a long time in NxT.

Hard hit from Paige on the turnbuckle there at the end.


Goldust and Fandango vs. The Vaudevillains – WWE Tag Team Title Tournament

Never have been a fan of the Vaudevillains. Their gimmick and their finisher I just can’t handle.

On the other side I appreciate them moving in the tag team ranks. Can’t wait for when they change their gimmick.


Enzo & Cass vs. The Ascension – WWE Tag Team Title Tournament Match

Enzo keeps schooling on the microphone. You just can’t teach that!


AJ Styles vs. Alberto Del Rio

Solid match. It’s hard to argue that AJ is bringing the best out of every wrestler he faces. He’s been the common denominator of most of the best matches since the Royal Rumble.


Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

I can already see a tag team match: Owens & Jericho vs. Zayn and Ambrose. Nothing wrong with that.

Solid match. Not a big fan of the DQ/interference finish.



An above average show that worked well advancing feuds. Just need to start improving all the matches overall and they’ll be in good shape. The rest is story telling.



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