Backlash Predictions 

Well, it’s hard to get excited for this. After Wrestlemania WWE has become nothing but boring. Brock Lesnar being the champion is a terrible decision. I guess it’s good the Intercontinental title can get some prestige back, but Vince McMahon has too much control. His “guys” are the current champions so to hell with the new crop. No one wants to see a part timer as the champion. How stupid is that? Randy Orton is at least full time but where do these new up and comers fit in? They don’t… maybe it’s because Lesnar and Orton are closer to being on their way out, but they don’t need lengthy runs.

Anyway, enough about my rant, on to the predictions.

Tye Dillinger over Aiden English

Luke Harper over Erik Rowan

Sami Zayn over Baron Corbin, I still can’t stand Corbin and Zayn is a glorified jobber which is a shame.

Charlotte and company over the welcome committee

The Usos over Breezango, and it’s about time Breezango gets an opportunity.

Shinsuke Nakamura over Dolph Ziggler, can Ziggler just be done with WWE already?

Kevin Owens over AJ Styles, this should be the best match of the night. I don’t think Owens will lose it right after winning it back but who knows.

Randy Orton over Jinder Mahal, look everyone has their opinions on Mahal. At first I thought ok I’m done with WWE. Mahal has been a joke his whole damn career and now he’s number one contender. But in my opinion, Mahal has been good as a top heel. He’s not ready to be champion yet by any means but he’s done better than I expected. I think Rusev interrupts this match….


4 thoughts on “Backlash Predictions 

  1. I did expect Orton to retain. I welcome the surprise but lots of work needs to be done to “fix” Jinder after years of having him as a joke.


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