Tales from The Temple: Ep 13

It was a good week in Boyle Heights. Fans were treated to a blast from the past, another one of Dario’s jokes and a monstrous main event. Yes, I really do mean two monsters did battle in the Lucha Underground ring. It was another good show from our favourite rising wrestling promotion. So kick back and check out Wrestling with Breakfast’s thoughts on episode 13.

Deju Vu


If you watched last week’s show, you’ll know the Gift of the Gods tournament was back last week. On Wednesdays show an old rivalry was revisited as two more Luchadors made a bid for a precious Aztec Medallion. Drago went toe to toe with Aerostar. It was a good match overall and both men really represent a Lucha Libre style. The pair have great chemistry in the squared circle, which makes for some really nice sequences. However this kind of chemistry doesn’t happen over night. As I mentioned earlier, this is a rivalry that started up last year. This is probably what stopped me enjoying such a classy display of lucha. I felt like I’ve seen it all before. Their best of five series was great last year, but that was five plus matches. I felt as if I was watching re-runs of season one. Even though some of the spots were fresh (except for that slip, Aerostar!!) I simply enjoy the match for this reason. Aerostar trumped Drago on this occasion with a pretty cool springboard combo of a code breaker like move and splash. This puts The Man from the Cosmos into the seven man match for the Gift of the Gods championship.

Seriously Dario, Again!
It can only mean one thing when you see three wrestlers together as a team who have no business with each other, Dario’s favourite joke, the trios tournament. In the last of the quarter-final matches Pj Black, Jack Evans and Fenix took on the Disciples of Death.
As with all the matches in the tournament, this one was really good. I love the fast paced action of the Lucha Underground trios matches. There is never a dull moment. On the flip side ssimilar to Aerostar vs Drago, believers have witnessed a lot of these matches the past couple of weeks with the tournament in full swing. But just as it was all starting to get a bit monotonous, it was announced that the Trios titles would be defended in a four team elimination match. I’m definitely looking forward to this. It puts a new twist on things and has  recaptured my interest in the tournament by making it a bit more unpredictable.


The team of Pj, Jack and Fenix will take part in this big match after picking up the win over the Disciples of Death. Jack Evans was once again a stand out for me in this match. I absolutely love his loud over the top antics. He makes me laugh at almost every thing he does. Take a bow Evans!
I also was happy to see the Disciples break up. Now I know I shouldn’t be happy at other people’s misery but to me the Disciples were always just mini Mils. I definitely think it will be interesting to see where the last remaining member goes now he finished off his ex-partners, Mortal Kombat style.

War of the Gods
It was finally the match fans have been waiting on. Boss level vs boss level. Titan vs titan. Matanza vs Mil Muartes.


The main event was for the Lucha Underground title and I myself really wanted to see this Monster Matanza get dethroned. Fans hopes were on Mils shoulders and he most certainly rose to the occasion. For the first time somebody was able to take Matanza off his feet. It was quite a slow-paced match but this could be forgiven after all both men are enormous. But it was certainly a spectacular sight, two absolute beasts going to war. I really like Dario and Catrina for their skills as managers. Everytime the camera cuts to a shot of them they have the perfect look for the situation. Dario gets really into the match aswell, it is how you would imagine somebody acting if their brother was in a fight.
The match ended in a no contest after a classic huge Lucha Underground spot. You could almost feel from the start of the one, we were going to get something big. It came in the form of Mil Miertes putting himself and Matanza through the roof of the office with a Flatliner. It was amazing to watch but what was more amazing is somebody finally did serious damage to this Monster. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last from these two.

What did you think of this week’s show?  Be sure to leave a comment below. Also Wrestling with Breakfast is now on Twitter, so be sure to follow @wwbreakfast. Thanks for all the support, see you guys next week. But not before I leave you with this week’s “Cool Lucha Thing”.
Check out these awesome custom figures. How cool would it be if LU did a range of action figures! If somebody on the Lucha Underground team reads this please get on that, I want.


Brendan Kenny


3 thoughts on “Tales from The Temple: Ep 13

  1. I didn’t watch season 1 so it was pretty solid for me, but I trust your judgement on Aerostar vs. Drago.

    I agree with the Disciples. They always felt like lesser wrestlers. Just minions. I’ll be interesting what will happen now.

    Amazing main event. Only missed seeing Pentagon. For some reason I thought he would be involved.

    I would rate it as follows:


    Overall: 8/10


  2. Yeah I feel the same about the Pentagon, except I’m trying not to get my hopes up, haha. Yeah it was a solid show


    1. But I feel Pentagon not interfering was best for the main event at the end. We would have missed a big spot if he did.

      He’ll be back soon.


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