Backstage Report – TNA Late On Payments Yet Again – Details

Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

According to reports, TNA is allegedly behind on paying their TV production crew as they head into Slammiverasry and TV tapings next month. They are reportedly behind on paying staff for work from the January and March TV tapings.

They had trouble making payments on time in 2015 and gave their system to the Harris Twins and their production company Aroluxe (payable by TNA). After that, payments were still late. The problem hasn’t been helped by TNA leaving their office in Nashville and moving to the merchandise warehouse. When production workers asked about payments, they have been “met with resistance”. Some workers have been told they will or may be replaced at the June tapings. It’s possible this is for independent production workers who don’t have a history of late payments.

TNA is currently still looking for an outside investor to gain additional money for the company. Their main source of revenue right now is an iMPACT! ad-share with POP TV, international TV deals and the One Night Only PPVs in the US and internationally. They moved out of their Nashville office to cut costs and moved TV post-production to the local Skyway Studios. This was done as a way to make them more attractive to investors.


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