I agree for the most part. I think you missed AJ Styles facing Balor instead.

This could be great if allowed but I suspect it won’t really happen. It lacks a lot for it to be what it really could be.

As much as I love Fox I believe she’ll be fed to Sasha to get her in a collision course with Azuka.

I really hope they don’t send Azuka straight to the gold. She’s over rated IMO.

On paper seeing Kurt sounds good but he’s past his prime.

This looks like a below average PPV, but looks now better than the original matches.


This PPV normally has various matches with tables, ladders, and/or chairs and one match that features all three. This year, we’re get only one match featuring tables, ladders, and chairs and it’s one that I’m not really intrested about.
I think this mach card is pretty predictable. So I’m not that excited going into the PPV. I only remembered about the PPV when they talked about it on Raw.

I think the main reason I forgot was because there is no main FIGHTING CHAMPION on the show. This is Brock Lesnar is way to lazy to defend his title.

Let’s get into the predictions.

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox (Kick-off match)

I’ve seen this before somewhere. Oh yeah, on Raw four times. Apparently the match was supposed to be Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax. However after Nia’s recent antics of walking out of Raw, this was changed. It’s good to…

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