No Mercy: Two big mistakes

Seeing Enzo as champion only feels like riding a train with the bridge out

I just hope Neville regains the title tomorrow night.

The next error was Lesnar retaining. I think Braun was ready to take him out. Now my biggest fear is the picture of seeing Roman Reigns taking the belt.

I was hoping for him to be fed to Braun instead.


3 thoughts on “No Mercy: Two big mistakes

  1. Agreed. Enzo is not Eddie Guerrero and he’s not been built up to even be a good guy that cheats role except in two 205 Live multi-man matches that most people ignore or fast forward on their PVR. I’m not behind this change at all.

    Lesnar needed to lose here. I thought with WWE really wanting ratings, they’d let a fresh monster unleash its fury. Hell, I would have booked him in TWO championship matches on Raw tonight and have him win both.

    Cena and Reigns, while decent, was nothing more than a kick-out fest. How can anyone believe they kicked out of that many moves? It’s like watching a cartoon.


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