The Smackdown Scoop (June 28)

The MITB felt really sloppy compared to the first one. Felt like a replay with a different ending when it was announced but the magic was gone.

From start to finish, this episode of Smackdown Live didn’t slow down. There was absolutely no filler, as every promo and match had some sort meaning

Opening Segment

Damn, the opening video package was amazing. It did a great job at highlighting every feud, and how they’d be represented on the show.

Sometimes the WWE can really make their characters look dumb, but that can’t be said about Carmella, at least not for the past two weeks. The points she made were legitimate, and they showcased how unjustly Bryan’s decision was. I didn’t see this as a flaw in the booking, but instead I saw it as a great opportunity to build Carmella’s character.

I find it incredible how Ellsworth has managed to remain on Smackdown as an entertaining character. The drama between him and Bryan was hilarious, and it was a great way to top off this…

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