Money In the Bank Review & Analysis (June 19)

Lana has lots of work to do. She definitely needed time in NxT.

I’ll give Carmella the benefit of the doubt but seems like a train wreck coming our way.

SmackDown proved they are the land of opportunity. Well have to wait to see how it pans out.


When they first announced this PPV as a brand exclusive for Smackdown, I was worried about the overall quality. Well now that it’s over, I must say the Smackdown team did a good job at pulling it off.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The video package for this match was pretty damn cool. I liked how each woman was able to say something that pertained to her character.

Right off the bat, this match started off quite strong, and it needed to. It was easy to get invested as these women wasted no time bringing out the ladders. Tamina especially looked like beast, and that was refreshing considering how she’s never too noticeable in singles action.

There were a few shaky moments when several of these competitors could’ve won, but it didn’t hinder the overall match. In fact, those spots were glossed over well. When it…

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