Is Alexa Bliss the next Trish Stratus?

Before I get insulted please read the rest of the article…

Don’t get me wrong, Alexa is not at Trish level… yet. If you look at Trish’s beginning you can easily see the similarities. Model background, great looking and with a fire within to succeed.

Trish Stratus

With all due respect to Trish, she didn’t begin being the top wrestler she ended up being. She also had to learn the ropes and prove everyone she was not just looks. She developed into one of the best in female wrestlers in WWE.

Alexa on the other hand, although coming from the same modeling background and being shorter than most competition has been able to succeed among a sea of haters.

Some might argue that NxT is a huge difference from back then and I would agree. But early on Alexa’s stay on NxT she quickly caught my eye as well as Dana. There’s no doubt they are very eye appealing, but my attention was drawn for other reason: their will to push through. Both are hard workers and they deserve way more than what they are getting, specially Dana.

Are things like this that gets me behind her:

Her mic skills are very good, although creative has given her some awful material to work with and in most cases she makes her magic work.

Well it doesn’t always work. My point is that she is a more complete package than Bayley for example. Are there better technical wrestlers? For sure. Sasha, Charlotte, Becky and others might be able to out wrestle her, but she is improving a lot being paired with them.

She made history as the first woman to have held the RAW and Smackdown Women titles (not at the same time).

I have to admit I had hopes for this to be also accomplished by Eva Marie and I still believe she would have been able to do it. Sadly she is no loner in WWE. She had way more ground and improvements to make but she was on her way to do so in a couple of years.

Bliss is already there, improving by the hour and still very young. In 10 or 20 years she’ll be remembered as one of the greatest on the Women’s Revolution.


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