Raw Rollup (May 9)

I was hoping for Extreme Rules to be refreshing but they are already giving away too much. They’ll try to save it with special stipulations but still the damage is done.

Was sad seeing Reigns destroying the monster they have been building for so lomg.

Credit: WWE.com

For the most part, this edition of Raw felt like a house show. Nothing was furthered, and they just threw as much as they could on to the card.

Opening Segment

Naming Ambrose and the Miz co-general managers was a creative idea for this show. There has been times in the past where superstars have become GMs for one night, but never like this. Considering how half of their feud is comedy based, this was a smart way to further it, and give it ample screen time.

The transition from the IC title feud to the Braun-Kalisto program was extremely smooth. Seeing as the Miz and Dean were in charge, it only made sense for other superstars to demand matches right away.

The Miz vs Finn Balor

After the performance these two put forth in last week’s triple threat main event, seeing them open the show wasn’t the…

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One thought on “Raw Rollup (May 9)

  1. didn’t even do my weekly show recaps because I found both Raw and Smackdown to be so boring it wasn’t even worth me wasting my time. The pre-taped UK shows continue to keep the boring streak alive.

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