WWE Payback – Review & Analysis (May 1)

Just another RAW level PPV. Was glad to see Alexa, Jericho and Bray win, but all matches were average at best.

Credit: WWE.com
The only reason I didn’t type predictions for this PPV is because I didn’t expect much from it. Payback 2017 has arguably been one of the worst built PPV’s in recent memory.

With that being said, it actually exceeded expectations.

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

In terms of jokes from the announce team, nothing topped Corey Graves comparing Owens to famous American presidents. In fact, I applaud the whole team for selling this dead feud as best as they could.

The in ring action was strong as expected. These two proved that they have chesmitry, and in that respect, the match was entertaining. However, from a story perspective, it was incredibly difficult to care about the story they were trying to tell.

Once the finish came around, I was in complete shock. For 98% of the match, I was convinced we’d see a predictable finish, but that wasn’t…

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