The Shake Up – One Week Later (Apr.21)

Bray is the biggest loser of all this besides the quality.

Credit: Last week the WWE gave us the “superstar shake up”, which was meant to refresh the rosters. In actuality, something like this is necessary, or else the feuds become to stale (which Raw managed to do in less than a year). Considering how there’s been two brand splits in WWE history, the company is no stranger to moving superstars around. Sometimes they’ve made good decisions, and other times they made bad ones.

With us now being a week removed from the first “shake up” of the new brand split, the WWE has created a bit of a clutter. Not only do certain stories feel like a mess, but the overall idea of the brand split has been slightly compromised.

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton

So Bray Wyatt was moved to Raw, yet he’s still feuding with the champion from Smackdown. Is there any logic behind that? If Wyatt…

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