On to the NXT One (Apr.20)

You didn’t miss much in the other shows anyway. Looking forward for the extra content!

Credit: WWE.com

To all my readers, I truly apologize for not covering the latest episodes of Raw and Smackdown. I plan on making up for it with some additional content for the latter half of the week.

With my small break from the world of pro wrestling, I couldn’t have been more excited to watch this episode of NXT. Thankfully, it was something worth watching.

Opening Segment

Since most NXT episodes don’t open with promos, this was rather refreshing. It’s almost the complete opposite of what happens on the main roster.

I thought Bobby’s promo was strong. He hit every point that he needed to, which was a great way of keeping him invovled with what happened last week. His distain towards the NXT roster was perfect, considering how much he hated Nakamura.

Based on what Roode said, Hideo’s interruption was perfectly timed. Overall, this turned out to be an…

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