WWE Rumors

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The superstar shake up has changed what many of us might have hoped for and might have made plans for things we still hope for. 

One major rumor is that Brock Lesnar is going to hold the title until Wrestlemania. Oh, that is so not thrilling. I don’t care that his rumored opponent is Roman Reigns. What I do care is a guy who shows up a few times a year and who has been around for years is going to hold the Universal Championship for a year. Brock Lesnar does nothing for me these days. Suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, F5, match over. The young Lesnar was amazing to watch. This Lesnar is just a guy who makes a lot of money and works a few dates. He probably won’t even defend the title at every PPV. Meanwhile, other guys get to essentially sit on the midcard. Looks like the Intercontinental Championship is going to be the primary Championship. 

The Shield is back on the same show together but will they actually get back together? Rumblings say probably not. They are all doing well as singles competitors but maybe we’ll get to see them come together here and there. 

What is going on with The Club? Finn Balor looks like he may never join them unless he turns heel which probably won’t happen. He was a heel on the Indy scene and a good one at that. 

Jinder Mahal is supposedly going to get a push. Oh yay, he’s so not exciting. Smackdown has better talent to push up the roster and Jinder Mahal isn’t one of them, but I don’t work for WWE so, whatever. 

Will Bray Wyatt bring in a new family? He doesn’t need to, but it’s better for his character to have that cult following. Hey, here’s a good idea bring in Sister Abigail. We’ve only been teased with her for years now. It’s getting to the point where I’m tired of hearing her mentioned. 

We’ll see what the next few months hold. Please don’t let Lesnar hold the title for a year, please!!!!


6 thoughts on “WWE Rumors

  1. I guess Sister Abigail could possess the body of some unwilling competitor from developmental. That could be a cool horror storyline. Or have a willing disciple who takes on her mantle. The more I think about it, there are more ways to go than just leaving her dead.

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  2. I can only hope, but I fear Bray will be soon forgotten in limbo as well as many of the people from Smackdown. He is already unhappy and who can blame him? He won’t be near any belt any time soon.

    We already had a disaster with Brock as champ not long ago and it didn’t work. No one on their right mind would think it’ll be any different. Oh wait, might have been Vince idea.


    1. Of course it was. I respect the hell out of Vince he’s a great business man and marketer. But the XFL is a prime example of Vince as a creative director. It appears he had no faith in the young up and comers to carry his company. I agree with giving the title to Goldberg the fans ate him up and it was short lived as it should have been but Brock Lesnar as the champ is that really best for business? Hell the fans may boo the hell out of Reigns but since he’s there every damn night he’d be a better choice. A guy who’s never there is terrible.

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