Superstar Shakeup

The superstar shakeup is a good way to get rid of old feuds and give fresh life to the rosters. There are only two moves I’m actually disappointed in and one that I’m hoping becomes what I think. 

Has anyone noticed that Bo Dallas has been rocking a beard? Bray Wyatt is now on RAW with the rest of the Wyatt Family still on Smackdown. Could Bo Dallas and possibly Curtis Axel form a new Wyatt Family? I don’t see a Braun Strowman reunion since he is well on his way as a singles competitor. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are on life support in WWE. Joining forces with Bray could help their careers. They are both in need of gimmick changes so we’ll see if I’m right. 

I wasn’t happy with Kevin Owens going to Smackdown though I expected it with Dean Ambrose going to RAW. It’s not that I’m not happy to see Owens and the United States Championship get new life but that pairing with Samoa Joe is all but over. WWE could use a new monster faction and that had the makings of something special. The United States Championship has been irrelevant for a while and it looks like Smackdown will make it important again. AJ Styles is the number one contender and that’s OK with me. I have always felt that the Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship should go to guys who are main event guys who aren’t currently in the WWE Championship or Universal Championship hunt. Or for guys who are soon to be on their way to main event status. Sure, both titles have gone to former champions but the United States Championship has barely been defended. It’s been forgotten and now it looks like that will no longer be the case. 

I’m not liking the fact that The Club stayed on RAW. There was so much hype around them signing with the WWE and when Styles went to Smackdown they lost their luster. Finn Balor is still on RAW but I see no signs of him joining up with Gallows and Anderson. I also felt Enzo and Cass could’ve benefited from a move. Instead Primo and Epico got moved… does anyone care about them? Not a big jolt of life into the Smackdown tag division. 

Charlotte going to Smackdown makes sense. She’s feuded with everyone on RAW to the point where she needed that change. Sasha Banks and Bayley are destined to feud and from what I’ve seen in the past it will be a good one. Nia Jax is also heading towards the top of the division. Now, I have no problems with Jax but she doesn’t impress me. She shows no athleticism. She’s a big girl who is powerful but that’s about it. I’ve heard her compared to Awesome Kong but that’s not a good comparison. Kong was actually impressive in the ring for a bigger girl. Nia Jax isn’t there yet but she still has plenty of time. 

Alexa Bliss to RAW makes sense too, but Mickie James not so much. I think a feud between James and Flair could’ve been a good one. James is still pretty damn impressive in the ring. I don’t know how James fits into the RAW woman’s division. We’ll see how this plays out. 

All in all the roster moves were good and needed although there were a few head scratchers. I hope some guys like Sami Zayn and Apollo Crews get more of a chance with these moves. I hope Lana finally debuts as a wrestler and hopefully she’s actually good in the ring. We don’t need another Eva Marie. Marie would’ve worked in the Attitude era because she’s good looking, but that was it. 

On a side note… JBL has been in the wrestling world news. If the stories about JBL are true and more people keep coming forward with stories he should be let go, but JBL is a golden boy of WWE and that’s unlikely. I don’t know what’s true and what’s not, but when you’ve been known as a backstage bully for years it’s hard to believe people are making things up. 

Oh yeah The Shield is back on RAW. Can we get a reunion? That would be great! That’s all for now. 


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