Wrestlemania Wrap Up (Apr.3)

I have to admit it was better than expected until the mixed tag team match. After that the show started to decay.

I’ll have a full review later when I watch the main event.

Credit: WWE.com
Sometimes us fans really need to be patient. Criticizing the Wrestlemania card only got most of us upset, but it turned out to be a strong event. Quite honestly, this may have been the most well balanced Mania the WWE has produced in years.

AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon

I found it shocking that this was the first match on the card, but I liked it. This contest included two men who are both over with the crowd, so having this first was a great way to energize the crowd.

The actual action was decent, but it wasn’t anything special. It became obvious at times that AJ was definitely carrying Shane. However, it was still impressive to see Shane work some big spots.
While the pacing was slow, the garbage can spot where Shane reversed AJ’s coast to coast was amazing. Styles sold that garbage can hit as…

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