Wrestlemania 33: My Take

I have to admit it was way better than I expected, but on the other side my expectations were pretty low.

Pre Show

Neville vs. Austin Aries

A well fought match that set up a high bar for the rest of the show. This probably should have been on the main show instead.


Andre Battle Royal

Someone forgot to tell that security lady about the plans 😛 This was the only really entertaining part of this match. I’m glad the new talent was able to shine in this year version, but Mojo is no Baron Corbin.


Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin – Intercontinental Title Match

Besides the amazing counter to end of days, I’m glad this was not in the main show. It lacked on so many areas.


Main Show

AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon

The match was better than I expected. It was enjoyable but nothing remarkable. Shane gave us some big spots like the splash at the end. Still was hard to digest AJ struggling with Shane or even looking as evenly matched after having bigger matches recently.


Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

This was a well executed match as I expected. I guess it was expected knowing Jericho was going to go away in tour with Fozzy soon, but it was a great end to a great run for him.


Raw Women’s Fatal Four Way

For a match that was thrown at the last minute it turned out pretty well. Kudos to all participants.


Raw Tag Title Ladder Match

Having the Hardy’s back was amazing, even when there were rumors already. It was a great match, but the bad shape of Jeff was obvious as his moves were not as smooth. Matt stood better, but you could argue is his wrestling style which is not as punishing.

We’ll see how long this goes. This is possibly the treatment the Dudley’s should have received as well before building up younger teams.

All teams did extremely well. Enzo and Cass had a good chance to shine on this match when Enzo looks weak in non-gimmick matches.


John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse

As much as I love Nikki and I’m aware of her neck issues, the overall match felt weak. A match I could expect to see on RAW or a house show.

The main point was the marriage proposal. That was sweet, but the match suffered a lot.


Triple H vs Seth Rollins

This was another solid match although the pace was too slow at some points. Being slow paced is not bad, but I think it stretched too long in some points.


Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

I might be biased since for me it didn’t make sense for Randy to win this match, at least not now.

This probably means the end of Bray in the main title picture. The effects on the ring were a nice touch and went along the weird aura around Bray. Still think that Bray needed to retain. He’s in a bad spot unless he jumps right back on the hunt in a rematch. Something tells me he won’t.

The match itself was average to say the least.


Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

The match lasted longer, but still was a big disappointment. Only four moves were used in the match spammed over and over and over. Complete failure.

Roman vs. Brock might be a bit better. Might be a 5 move match.


Smackdown Women’s Title Match

There were some big spots, but the match felt rushed. I strongly believe that it would have been better if more time was allocated to it.


The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

Might have been the issue I still have with the streak being broken or the feeling that he should have gone unbeaten or even my dislike for Roman. The fact is that Taker had to retire. Last year or so it has been more than obvious.

Was Reigns the right one to retire him? I would argue that Bray was a better but since they insist on Roman carrying WWE forward it was the right move. Still could have ended with Taker winning and passing the torch instead.

The match itself was average at best. By the end of it Taker was zoned out. Kudos to him to keep up with it at his age.



This was way better than I expected but mostly due to the performances in the ring as many of the feuds were awfully done.



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