My Thoughts on Mania  

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First off I enjoyed the hell of Wrestlemania 33. The Hardy Boyz returning, well it made me jump off the couch and gave me goose bumps. I’ve always been a huge fan of those two and I’ve even met Matt Hardy years ago. So, when their music hit I was pumped. Not to mention they will be in WWE 2K18 now as well! Them winning is great too. The RAW tag team division isn’t good. It just got better with them being back.

The stage was amazing although the ramp was way too long. Not all the matches were great. Due to the length of the event a lot of matches felt rushed. The RAW women’s match was quicker than I thought it would be. The Smackdown women’s match was pretty short. John Cena’s match was short, but was more setup for the proposal.

All in all it was a good show. Watching The Undertaker make his way out of the ring was hard. He’s been such an icon over the years and knowing that this was it was not easy to watch. The match was hard to watch because as much as I love Taker he just isn’t the same. It’s obvious his body is beat, it’s obvious it was time whether he wanted it to be or not. Fans will be mad that Roman retired him, but I’m sure that Taker had the decision to decide who retired him. He earned that right, and it says a lot about what Roman’s peers think of him. So, who cares about the fans opinions on Reigns. In fact it’s been said he WWE loves the fans reaction to him. So, fans you’re stuck with Reigns being the guy whether you like it or not.

The fans finally gave Goldberg a negative reaction, but at this point it doesn’t matter. Goldberg has already said he has been miserable with his WWE schedule. That’s not surprising as we know the WWE schedule is grueling. It’s why a lot of stars have left. Lesnar being the champion is lackluster. Is he actually going to work more than six shows a year? Titles lose meaning when they aren’t defended. Oh, fans get ready for Lesnar vs. Reigns. It will happen… watch.

Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton disappointed me the most. I don’t have a problem with Orton winning the title. I have a problem with Wyatt losing the title so fast. Plus the mind games during the match made me think maybe just maybe we’d see this Sister Abigail. I’ve been waiting for years to see this creepy figure show up with Bray Wyatt. I’m starting to think it will never happen.

There were minor disappointments for me, but I’m a fan of the business. I don’t get all butt hurt because a superstar wins or loses. I just enjoy watching these men and women who bust their ass doing something most us fans can’t do.


One thought on “My Thoughts on Mania  

  1. I haven’t watched the last match but agree with the dissapointment. It turned out way better than expected but started to decay with the mixed tag team match.

    I’ll make a full review later.


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