On to the NXT One – Go Home Edition (Mar.30)

The recurring theme this week. Walk go home shows.

Credit: WWE.com

Within the past few weeks, the card for this Takeover has been well built. However, it looks like the bookers forget they had a show left. Quite honestly, fans could’ve gone without seeing this before Saturday.

Akam vs Johnny Gargano vs Dash Wilder

For a go home show, I thought this was an awesome match. It doesn’t give away the action, but instead it gives the fans a small taste of the triple threat tag at Takeover. While I was looking forward to the triple threat, I thought that Wilder bailing at the start of the match was a great touch. For the Revival, it’s fully in character for them to leave when there’s nothing at stake.

Having Gargano wrestle Akam on his own was more fitting, as Gargano’s character is a known underdog. Also, Johnny was bound to get a better singles match out of Akam.


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