Wrestlemania this weekend, why I’m not excited?

Well, there’s not much to be excited about.

We have two part timers probably on the main event. They have met what now, 3 times over recent months? All that together doesn’t add up to 3 minutes for sure. My expectations are quite low for this one. I predict 4/10.

Then we have Roman Reigns against Undertaker. The thought of Reigns retiring Taker gives me chills. Will be the only way to make him even more hated when I thought it was impossible. Besides that, Taker is just way past the point where he can really perform to his best. So the chances of a great match are really low. Reigns carrying the match is not going to happen. I predict 6/10.

Shane vs. AJ. without a gimmick brings nothing to the table either. AJ will most likely carry the match. Unless someone enters as a surprise, this might be a one or two big spots match. I predict 4/10.

HHH vs. Rollins is not happening which is a bad thing.

The best matches in my opinion are in the mid card. Orton vs. Bray could be epic if done right. Hope they don’t sacrifice the match in favor of the ones mentioned above. Bray needs to retain. I predict 8/10.

Owens vs. Jericho could be good. 8/10.

Alexa Bliss vs. the female roster could be interesting if given enough time. It is set up to be a place for a new name to show up. Azuka? Eva? Emma? Even if that doesn’t happen this could be a good match if enough time is allowed. I predict 6/10.

RAW Women’s fatal four way match could be interesting. I predict 7/10.

Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose could be a solid match. We’ll see. I predict 7/10.

Cena/Nikki vs. Miz/Marysse could surprise, but I’m concerned about Marysse performance. Also Nikki has been dropping the ball recently on this feud.

Even with the above matches, it’ll require many of those to exceed expectation to even have a fair PPV. For sure nothing close to a Wrestlemania card.


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