Raw Rollup – “MARKIN’ OUT, MAN!” (Mar.21)

I didn’t see it that high. Maybe a 7. Some questionable performances. Expected way more from Dana.

We shouldn’t have this many fillers with Wrestlemania almost here.

Credit: WWE.com

It makes a huge difference when segments and matches are promoted a week in advance. That automatically gives the fans something to look forward to, while giving the writing team something to work around. This particular episode of Raw was a great example of what felt like a prepared show.

Opening Segment

Foley’s written speech was a great follow up to last week’s closing segment. It showed that he did in fact suffer the consequences of his actions. That allowed for a big pop when Mick finally tore the cue cards. Along with that, the set up gave Stephanie an incredible amount of heat from this Brooklyn crowd.

Sami Zayn coming to Foley’s aid was a great touch. It gave him chance to showcase the strengths in his promo ability, and it gave the crowd something to cheer for. For once, it was great to see someone other…

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