Fastlane – Review & Analysis (Mar.6)

As you might have predicted, the main event was the worst based on my huge dislike on squash matches.

RAW dropped the ball big time on this PPV. So many bad decisions that it just makes my head hurt.

There was no need to sink the Universal title with the train wreck Goldberg/Lesnar feud .

If you haven’t seen this PPV yet, don’t bother. Apart from the main event, there was nothing significant on the show.

Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn

Quite honestly, I was shocked that this match opened the show. It included two of the best workers on the roster, and I assumed it would be in the middle of this card.

With Joe beating down on Zayn, the fans were able to see the strong selling of Zayn, and the strength of Joe. While the match was one sided, at least Sami was able to come across as a resilient competitor. Overall, this turned out to be extremely effective and great in terms of character development. However, I’m sure most fans are curious to see where Joe goes from here.


Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Since Enzo and Cass have pulled back on…

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