Raw Rollup (Feb.28)

After a couple of solid shows in a row, the really dropped the ball on this one.

Credit: WWE.com Credit: WWE.com

Honestly, if you haven’t watched Raw yet, don’t bother with the full three hours. This episode was built around two segments and nothing else.

Opening Segment

Other than being at the show, Goldberg’s accomplished nothing here. His words didn’t have any weight, and it would’ve been no different from him talking via satellite. I don’t understand why the writers couldn’t give him some more meaningful material. Owens on the other hand was remarkable in this segment. KO did a great job at working the live crowd, and giving reasons why he’s better than his Fastlane challenger.

New Day vs Rusev & Jinder Mahal

Some fans may criticize the usage of pop culture references, but the New Day pulled off the Oscars mix up pretty well. I for one got a good laugh out of it. Apart from that, there wasn’t anything note worthy about the match. It went far…

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