Raw Rollup (Feb.21)

Lots of wrong moves after a great initial promo.

As you guys know I’m not a fan of squashes, so this was worse for me.

Looks like the lead creative was away for a few weeks and got back from vacation

Credit: WWE.com
This episode of Raw was a prime example of how the red brand took one step forward and two steps back. There’s no reason fans should be excited for Fastlane, but thankfully this wasn’t the go home show.

Opening Segment

Having Kevin Owens open the show was absolutely perfect. The only thing fans were thinking about for the last week was the festival of friendship, and it needed to be brought up. While many of us expected him to bring up his attack on Jericho, Owens cut the promo in a way where he didn’t need to bring up his actions. Instead, KO did a magnificent job at switching the direction to Goldberg.

The content from Owens was real, and it gave the fans a reason to believe that he could beat Goldberg.

Sheamus & Cesaro vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Based on last week’s match of…

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2 thoughts on “Raw Rollup (Feb.21)

  1. I agree that this show was pretty boring except for the build up of some of the heels. The women seemed like they couldn’t deliver a line (besides Charlotte). Missed your two cents on my thoughts on the shows the last few weeks!

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