WWE After the Split

After the brand split I’ve been asking for a long time to occur, I take a look at the current status. What has worked and what has not.


What has worked

As we’ve seen week after week, Smackdown has been the top beneficiary of the split. Some argue is due to it being a shrter show than RAW, but I disagree. Smackdown is just a better product overall. You could even argue it doesn’t have the same star power RAW does and still RAW has to borrow stars like Undertaker in dispair to see if something gets brewing.

The difference? Storylines. Smackdown has a lot of fresh storylines. It also manages to have multiple super stars on a leveled playing field so it is easier to swap a challenger with another after a feud without working too much. Granted, they have been working a lot on Dolph, but that was caused long time ago. Bray would have never reached the gold if the split didn’t happen, at least not at this point.

Bray Wyatt

Although I still believe Dean Ambrose is overrated and didn’t deserved his title run, he was a huge beneficiary of the split. The Miz had a chance to shine again. The push Baron Corbin is getting right now was just impossible before the split.

The one that got the most benefit? Chris Jericho without a doubt. He reinvented himself and turned everything into gold. He is Hall of Fame material for sure, not that he wasn’t already, but ths ability to reinvent and out perform himself at this stage on his career is just impressive.

Image result for chris jericho

It’s a shame he’ll leave after Wrestlemania to tour with Fozzy.


Another big winner is Alexa Bliss, Naomi and the rest of the females.

Image result for Alexa bliss

She surprised many, not me as I was a big fan since NxT, with her performance. I’m still shocked when she did the broken arm spot against Becky Lynch. That was amazing.

Image result for Naomi WWE

Not a big fan of her, but without a doubt, she wouldn’t have held gold without the split.

Image result for neville

Neville improved a lot from his repackaging and arrival at 205.

What hasn’t

Midle Card Titles

Image result for wwe intercontinental title

Image result for wwe united states title

This belts have become worthless. They are barely defended and we saw a few times their holders being on the main event picture for the major title (i.e. Roman Reigns and Miz).

There’s still plenty of talent that could take some benefit of this belts if used properly.


Injuries took some big stars out early after the split. Some migh say this is part of the reason of why RAW isn’t doing so well, but I disagree. They got themselves cornered into the same corner after a full year getting out of it. Instead of doing like Smackdown and trying new stuff, they fell back on the same trap and relying too much on the same starts.

Image result for finn balor

Image result for seth rollins

Tag Team Division

This is a mix of the state it was prior to the split (too many teams reduced to a joke) and lack of attention. RAW has done a bit better work on this department but haven’t been consistent.

WWE 205

Image result for WWE 205

Although it’s a great idea giving the cruiser weights their own space it has been done awfully. To most fans they only know what they see on RAW, (When is WWE going to learn that most of the fans are not watching WWE Network 24/7)  so it looks like a really random filler matches.

They need to have their own day on cable TV or other “free” means of watching it. Same occurs with NxT and was obvious when the crickets could be heard when some NxT people jumped to the main roster and almost no one knew them.



After the draft, injuries and recent call up of Samoa Joe NxT is basically a void without any big names to draw fans. Having it live is a good adition, but not enough. There are good talents down there, but still a long way from prime time.


Image result for emmalina

All this Emmalina has been a waste of time and effort. Hopefully they are converting back to the last gimmick which was great IMO.


Overall, and specially on 2017, the brand gave us a higher level of wrestling. RAW has been able to get to Smackdown’s same level lately and I’m enjoying the ride. Still a few kinks to fix, but we are for a huge 2017 in the wrestling world!


13 thoughts on “WWE After the Split

  1. I very much agree with everything you had to say. The midcard titles should be used in the midcard, not as a prop for main event superstars. It worked for the Miz, as he pushed the IC Title being a big deal. Apart from that, they’re pretty much useless.

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    1. I’m glad this year started strong, but mid card and tag teams need lot of work.

      Do you agree Jericho is probably the one that took most advantage of the split?


  2. I agree with this. Look people hate Roman Reigns, but he was way more deserving of the title run he got over Ambrose. Ambrose has a better character but when it comes down to being able to put on a great match Reigns takes the cake. Reigns was involved in some of the best matches of the year. Reigns vs Styles was so much better than Ambrose vs Styles. The mid card titles are worthless but The Miz did a great job with the IC title. How bad is RAW? Goldberg is the most bankable superstar right now that should say everything you need to know. I have no beef with it I was a huge WCW fan once a upon a time. I like the thought of Goldberg winning the Universal title. Why? Because of the way Sting was piss poor used. Sting should have been WWE champion even if only for a week. If you’re going to bring back a legend, do it right or don’t bother. They’re doing it right with Goldberg and he’s getting great crowd reactions. Keep rolling with it. Naomi winning the title was great. Smackdown is giving more than just one female a chance to shine. Not so much for RAW. Is Charlotte the best overall on the roster? Hard to argue against that, but Sasha Banks deserved better and hopefully Bayley doesn’t fall into that same trap. Other then those three the women’s division on RAW is weak.

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      1. He’s been great. He has carried Owens which has made Owens run as champ suck honestly. Oh, and tag team wrestling is terrible these days. WWE has no emphasis on tag teams like they used to and it’s a shame.

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      2. They are doing a half way job with them. Not enough to hype or get to know them on RAW and not enough star power for their own show.

        I keep saying that Network only shows is just not working. Network for PPV, archives and misc shows does work.


      3. I agree… if I’m going to go on the Network to watch wrestling I want to watch old PPV, old Nitros and RAW and Smackdown attitude era days. And the originals are good, but no terrible idea for more wrestling shows especially after we get done watching two hours on cable. Maybe if they put it on Thursday night it might do better.

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      4. Yup, that’s why 205 and NXT stars get a moment of silence when they appear. Most people don’t know them.

        If I was single and without kids I would live between my PS4 and the Network.

        Looks like most can’t do that either.


      5. They fail to recognize this. Both NXT and 205 should be on cable television if they want them to flourish.

        Leave PPV in the network along with the misc programming, which I enjoy a lot.


      6. I enjoy a lot of the shows. But I’m not going to flip on the PS4 to watch anything other than a PPV. I know NXT does well but I don’t watch it. I know most of the wrestlers because I follow the Indy scene but that’s about it.

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