Is The nWo Coming Back?

This is really more wishful thinking, but with various celebrities being seen wearing the nWo Wolfpac shirts it may not be too far of a stretch. The nWo red and black never really got a fair shake. I thought it was better than the original nWo. The colors, the logo, the music, and the members. Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, Macho Man, and Konnan. Then they killed it by basically bringing the nWo white and black into the mix. The Wolfpac could have been more dominant than the original. It could’ve been done correct by keeping it a small stable unlike the original which had way too many members. Instead it really just faded away before getting a chance to be something special. 

Where am I going with this? Triple H seems to be working some possible magic. Samoa Joe being his destroyer and Kevin Owens seems to be another henchman for him. I had a feeling Owens was going to turn on Chris Jericho during the Festival of Friendship and when Triple H pulled him aside it was a foregone conclusion. There are rumors of Triple H possibly creating a new faction and with Joe and Owens part of it is intriguing none the less. 

I still see plenty of fans rocking the nWo shirts so would a new creation of the most popular stable in wrestling history work? You bet your ass it could easily work especially with the right members. Owens and Joe are definitely guys who could make this work. It would be even better if it was the nWo Wolfpac version. 
If the nWo ever made a come back who else could make this work? Rumblings of this new faction is supposed to be Triple H’s NXT guys. So, again who else could make this work? Finn Balor is a good addition. Balor has been a face during his WWE tenure but on the indy scene he was a heel. Plus it’s no secret he’s an HHH guy. 

Who else? I think Big Cass could benefit. There seems to be subtle signs that Cass may be growing tired of being the back up for Enzo’s mouth. Cass has the tools to be a main event guy one day and being in a monster faction with guys like Balor, Joe, and Owens would boost his career. 

Anyone else? Well this faction is supposedly going to be on RAW so no I can’t think of anyone else. You don’t want too many guys and those guys would be perfect, but if the nWo ever came back Triple H would need to create it on Smackdown as well. If it was NXT guys who could be those guys on Smackdown? 

Hell, the Smackdown version could be the white and black version of the group. Baron Corbin comes to mind as a good member for a heel faction. Who else on Smackdown could benefit from being in s monster stable? Apollo Crews could use a boost. The guy is talented and has a great look to him but his character is flat. A mean streak could help his character and career. How about Mojo Rawley? Without Zack Ryder he seems to be stuck. He could benefit from being in a monster faction. I see a good heel in Rawley. Tyler Breeze would be my fourth guy. I like Breeze. The kid has a good look to him and he’s a decent wrestler but his character sucks. His comedy tag team with Fandango sucks. Breeze is on the chopping block and this would save his career. 

Could the nWo ever come back? It’s definitely a far stretch, but it very easily could. Enough time has passed and the faction is still very popular among fans. As I said with right members in the faction it could easily make a comeback and be just as great as before or even better, but again it’s more wishful thinking on my part. One can always hope. 


5 thoughts on “Is The nWo Coming Back?

  1. NWO would fit that for sure and many would benefit from this as long as is not exclusive to the main event.

    Mid card needs lots of love right now, specially those belts are forgotten.


    1. I agree… the brand split has been good but a lot of people still being buried and you’re right about the other titles… they’re just there. No prestige and the crap they’re doing with the women’s title on RAW is stupid. Charlotte will win it back at Fastlane then Bayley will win it between now and Wrestlemania or at Wrestlemania. I feel Charlotte will always be in the title picture leaving little room for anyone else.

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