Elimination Chamber – Review & Analysis 

Bray walking out as a champion was refreshed and probably the best possible outcome. But it raises at least one question:

Why give the belt to Cena for this short reign, specially when AJ and Bray were the last two?

I agree with the rest of the show being just above average.

I was chicked with Alexa losing the belt. I’m happy for Naomi, but felt it wasn’t deserved. At least the fans welcomed her, or they really hated Alexa. Time will tell if it’ll work.

6/10 with a great main event.

Credit: WWE.com

Elimination Chamber is considered to be the last stop for the Smackdown roster before Wrestlemania. While there were a few slow moments, it’s fair to assume that this show was able outline most of the Mania feuds for the blue brand.

Becky Lynch vs Mickey James

I thought this was the perfect match to kick off this PPV. It’s been decently built, and it included two over wrestlers.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from these two, as they haven’t wrestled a singles match. Well, they had instant chemistry and knew how to work to each other’s strengths. Both James and Lynch knew exactly what to do in terms of creating crowd reactions. However, it did feel somewhat formulaic at times, especially with the Mickey controlling the match. I thought the action could’ve benefited from a stronger back and forth.

Based on the pace they worked, the…

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