Raw Rollup (Feb.7)

The best RAW in a while, but I would say 7/10. Not a fan of Sequatchie matches.

That’s the problem when you build a Monster like Strachan. It’s hard to keep it up.

Credit: WWE.com Credit: WWE.com

After the way last week’s episode ended, there was a lot curiosity as to what would happen on this show. The WWE had some questions to answer, and it’s fair to say they delivered.

Opening Segment

Even in a suit, Joe looked like the most dangerous person on the entire roster. Everything he did in this promo was flawless for the character he was portraying. From the mean look, to the passionate promo, Joe found a way to draw some legitimate heat. However, once Roman came out, I had no idea who this crowd was booing.

Jokes aside, I believe Roman vs Joe has always been a dream match for a lot of fans. Their stare down created an incredible energy, and it felt natural. With that being said, I was shocked that a match between them was booked so soon.

Nia Jax vs Bayley

There’s plenty of…

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