The Smackdown Scoop “Shut up, Nikki!” Edition (Jan.18)

When the worst part of Smackdown was better than most of RAW you know they are on trouble.


While the Rumble wasn’t overly mentioned on this episode, it certainly felt like a show that was two weeks away from it. This episode showcased a great amount of storytelling, wrestling, and overall entertainment

Opening Segment

Who would’ve predicted that Smackdown would be the show to open up with an authority figure? Since it’s not a common occurrence for Tuesday night’s, it was refreshing. Along with that, we barely see Shane McMahon cut live promos so it was also a treat for the fans.

The banter between AJ and Miz was perfect, because it’s rare that we see two heels argue with each other the way they did. I actually applaud the writers for not making them attack Cena. With that being said, The Miz in particular was the stand out. His promo had the right amount of passion and energy, which showed that he belonged a segment with two of the top…

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