Raw Rollup (Jan.17)

It’s sad that they can’t get out of the floor even with star power two weeks in a row.

If I were part of RAW creating team I would be throwing resumes around.

Credit: WWE.com Credit: WWE.com

With the Royal Rumble being two weeks away, the Raw brand is struggling to make any of their programs feel important. While this show wasn’t terrible, it barely told an overarching story.

Opening Segment

My only gripe with Roman’s promo was his lack of anger towards losing the US title last week. Also, him not pushing for a rematch slightly devalued the belt, because it showed that he simply didn’t care. Apart from that, his cockiness towards beating KO at the Rumble was a nice touch as it felt right coming from his character.

Much of this promo felt dull because it was just the same four wrestlers (Jericho, Owens, Rollins, & Reigns) we’ve seen too much of, but it certainly picked up. Seeing Brock get involved with the other top guys on Raw was a breath of fresh air. We haven’t seen him in legitimate action since…

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