Impact Insider – EA3 Edition (Jan.6)

Still better than RAW…


TNA has ushered in a new era, and there’s plenty of reasons to be excited. It was only fitting for this episode to be live, because it gave the company a look of importance.

Opening Segment

It wasn’t until the video package that was aired in the intro that realized that Eddie Edwards hasn’t been booked as a winning champion. He hasn’t been losing matches, but he has yet to pick up a decisive victory.

Edwards’ opening promo was rather lame. It was far too generic and directionless, which means he didn’t have to go as long as he did. In fact out of three men that were in the ring, Lashley cut the most cohesive and sensible promo. He made his intentions clear and sounded serious about receiving a rematch.

As for EC3, it was difficult to take him seriously. He utilized one too many jokes, and that didn’t…

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