WWE Raw and Smackdown Thoughts – January 2nd & 3rd, 2017

I’m with you on the Wyatts. After a big push and dominance they just vanished, again. I hate the treatment they are giving to Bray, Harper and Orton. Any of those could be heavyweight champion in any other company.

Electrified Porcupine


Hey, everyone! It’s 2017!!!! I’m back after taking a week off. I figured too much wouldn’t happen during Raw and Smackdown last week, but I was surprised with new Tag champs on Smackdown. I’ll get to that below, but, as always, I’m starting off with Raw.


The “flagship” show, that has been a three hour marathon grind for the longest time, had some ups and downs although it needed to be a big bang that got people hooked for the Royal Rumble and start the new year off right.

The beginning of the show show was horrid, although Owens and Jericho are still a pleasure to watch. Foley was awful and Stephanie McMahon’s presence just irritates me now.

One thing I didn’t understand when Stephanie announced that if Rollins won his match against Owens, Jericho would be banned at ringside for Reigns’ match later on in the…

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