Identity of the masked Luchadora from Smackdown Live

For those of you who have asked, all indications are that the masked “Luchadora” woman on last week’s episode of Smackdown Live was Deonna Purrazzo. The 22-year old from Jefferson, NJ has been on WWE’s radar for a couple of years and she’s wrestled on some NXT events. She was supposed to wrestle Alexa Bliss on the 12/13 edition of Smackdown Live before Bliss attacked her before the match and Becky Lynch took her place. We don’t know if she’s signed a deal with WWE yet and she worked on some independent shows this month but her name had been talked about in recent weeks so it’s only a matter of time before she’s under a full-time deal.

Just because Purrazzo was under the mask last Tuesday does not necessarily mean that she will the person revealed when the mask comes off. Mickie James is scheduled to start on Smackdown Live soon so it’s definitely possible that she will be revealed as Lynch’s attacker.



2 thoughts on “Identity of the masked Luchadora from Smackdown Live

  1. It would be weird to have Mickey lose all the goodwill from the last Takeover but an interesting angle to have her actually helping Bliss. I guess it could be Eva Marie or somebody else entirely. It could be Purrazzo and Bliss beating her up was part of the plan. The feud continues to be interesting. Two great performers and now this potential mystery gets thrown in.

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