The Smackdown Scoop – Wildcard Finals (Dec.28)

I didn’t cared for RAW either. Was better to enjoy my kids in the holidays.

I would say the score was a bit higher than I would give, but compared with RAW it is 9/10 almost every time.

Credit: Credit:

With this being the last episode of Smackdown before 2017, it was important that the fans were given an exciting show. Along with that, they were owed one after the atrocious Raw that was aired on Monday night.

Side Note: I apologize to my readers for not posting a Raw review on Monday night. Since it’s the holiday season, I was preoccupied with personal matters.

Opening Segment

We haven’t seen Cena in quite some time, so having him open the show wasn’t such a bad idea. It worked well in giving this Chicago crowd some energy. In fact, he brought a smile to my face with how he played with this live audience.

While he didn’t have a strong reason to demand a title shot, Cena didn’t need one. The attitude he showcased in his promo was enough. Yes, John did start with his usual motivational schtick, although…

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