The Smackdown Scoop – “Misfit toys” Edition (Dec.21)

Smackdown did it again. I lost track of the score already. Should be like 1000 – 1.

Credit: Credit: Not only was this episode of Smackdown exciting to watch, it gave the fans a reason to tune in next week.It’s incredible how the WWE isn’t afraid to grow feudsthroughout the holidays, and that shows their determination to give the fans a solid product.

AJ Styles vs James Ellsworth

I for one was accepting of this match opening the show. It’s what fans were anticipating, and there’s no better way to kick off the show than giving them a title match.

The ass kicking AJ handed was brutal, and fun to watch. I was expecting something longer, but Styles’ quick win added to the charm. Of course James isn’t supposed to be any kind of competition, but this loss made AJ look like an absolute beast. In a odd way, it also babyfaced the champ.

Dolph Ziggler interrupting AJ’s post match promo was a nice touch. It built…

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