The Smackdown Scoop – “Jane Ellsworth” Edition (Dec.14)

Don’t feel bad. It’s really hard to defend RAW.

Smackdown just makes a better job story telling and rying new things. RAW keeps wasting oportunities relying too much on Reigns as center piece when even Jericho is doing way better overall.

Credit: Credit:

I hate to be one of those fans that’s always trashing Raw, but it’s tough not to when I’m more excited for next week’s Smackdown over Roadblock. This particular episode of Smackdown gave the fans a reason to tune in next week and care about most programs.

Opening Segment

Management/James Ellsworth Segment: All three of these men did a brilliant job in this promo. It was a brief interaction, but every man got their point across, and it came off as a realistic conversation. Kudos to whoever wrote this segment.

Miz TV w/AJ Styles: As the top two heels on Smackdown, we’ve barely seen Styles and the Miz interact. Apart from their encounters when AJ first debuted, they’ve never been in the ring together.

AJ and the Miz worked perfectly together. There was nothing better than hearing the two compliment each other. However, I’m glad they eventually found…

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