The Smackdown Scoop – Go Sens Go Edition (Nov.23)

I do agree it was a stronger show, but James is being pushed too much too hard. Is not fun for most fans it seems from what I gather online.

Hate how the main event is in limbo because of this. Ambrose shouldn’t be in it at this point and nothing else is going on.

Credit: Credit:

Survivor Series weekend felt quite hectic, but Smackdown didn’t. In fact, this show was simply fun, and at most times I forgot I was watching a wrestling show.

Opening Segment

For the most part, Shane’s promo was rather lame. It didn’t actually change too much when Ambrose made his way out. While the Shield reunion was great at the time, I thought it was amazing how Shane addressed it. Honestly, it would’ve been illogical for them to not mention it.

It was great to hear that Ellsworth was given a contract, but much of that part dragged. In that sense, this promo didn’t go anywhere until AJ came out. There’s absolutely nothing better than him berating Ellsworth. I didn’t think they’d go through the ladder match, but I marked out when Shane announced it. Here’s the thing, the main event doesn’t need to always be excellent in terms…

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