Why Fans Really Hate Roman Reigns

When Roman Reigns was a member of the shield fans seemed to love him, because the shield was considered one of the best factions of all time. But when the shield split Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins broke out of their shield. Roman Reigns stayed in his shield. 

Rollins and Ambrose changed their theme music, their attire, and their persona in general while Reigns stayed the same. His music stayed the same, his attire stayed the same, and his character stayed the same.

When most fans who hate Reigns give their reason it’s mainly because they hate his character. There is no charisma, his mic skills are so so, but one thing I’ll say his in ring ability is much better then he gets credit for. When he’s in the ring with the right guy his athleticism shines. Fans may love Dean Ambrose but after going back and watching Ambrose his ring work is lack luster. He’s not overly athletic and to be honest he bores me. Watching his matches with Kevin Owens he was carried by Owens. His Asylum match with Jericho was boring and you can tell by rewatching it that the fans thought so too. You can’t say that about Reigns vs AJ Styles. Fans were going crazy over that feud. Reigns is one of the most athletic performers in the WWE. You can disagree all day but go back and watch the tape. Put Reigns in the ring with Sheamus and Triple H and there isn’t much to get excited about. Sheamus and Triple H won’t wow you by anything they do, but Reigns can but not when he’s wrestling guys like that. 

Reigns biggest undoing was the Royal Rumble win. Daniel Bryan was the favorite in that Rumble and when he was eliminated it was done. It didn’t matter who won the fans were pissed after that. That was the downfall for Reigns and his lack of character development hasn’t helped. Blame bad booking all you want which hasn’t helped but it’s the fact that only his ring work has improved. His mic skills haven’t improved and his character is still boring. 

It’s not that Reigns can’t be the top guy in the company but until his character improves he’ll never be loved by the fans. Jeff Hardy sucked on the mic but Jeff Hardy was charismatic and crazy good in the ring. His character was awesome and that’s what draws fan in. You can be the most talented guy in the world but if your character sucks the fans we’ll think you suck. Until his character becomes interesting Reigns will always be hated. 


5 thoughts on “Why Fans Really Hate Roman Reigns

  1. I have to agree with you once more.

    He has been improving but still not there. I see a lot of similarities in Apollo Crews, although I believe he has better skills. Both are missing the character development.

    It’s hard to blame them, it might be lazy creative again…


    1. Well Reigns is very well liked in the locker room with Chris Jericho recently coming to his aid in an interview and I do think fans boo Reigns just for the hell of it because they cheer him when he wins… they will boo him the whole match and then cheer when he wins. But his character is lacking, his ring skills aren’t though. I’m very disappointed in the way Apollo Crews has been handled. I plan on writing a piece on my thoughts with everything after Survivor Series.

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      1. Will be looking forward to it.

        Makes you wonder how they would have been handled on Smackdown since they are doing a better job.

        I’m struggling to invest myself on the PPV.


      2. RAW is quite boring that’s for sure. Smackdown has surprised me a ton. I thought for sure Smackdown would suck but it doesn’t. I’m actually looking forward to Survivor Series… can we say I was right about Goldberg coming back? I’m OK with it too and the fans have been accepting as well. I just hope they do this right but this is the first SS I’ve been looking forward to in a while.


      3. You were right about Goldberg for sure.

        I just don’t see anything thrilling I really have to watch.

        It’ll be nice to see the traditional matches, but they have been lazily booked in both shows.

        I expect an average show at best. That’s really bad for one of the staple PPV of the year.


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