Raw Rollup – ” DUMMY(YEAH) BRAND” Edition (Oct.25)

I didn’t even made time to write about it.

I’ll switch to cover Smackdown instead. I lost all hope in RAW at this point.

I thought they were rock bottom, but I was wrong.

Credit: WWE.com Credit: WWE.com

Nothing about this episode had the components of a solid go home show. The writers/bookers of Raw are clearly having trouble figuring out the stories for each character, and it was completely evident on this show.

Opening Segment

While I wasn’t looking forward to the scheduled triple threat, I loved how Jericho tried to bail on it. His his emotion towards the list was brilliant and it did a lot for the character Jericho is currently portraying. This particular segment did wonders for Y2J, but I think it could have been done without KO. The champ himself came across as a complete afterthought, while Seth and Jericho were clearly the focal points. Regardless of that flaw, the highlight of this promo was Stephanie’s reaction when she found out she was on the list. In a comedic way, it put the list over more than it was.

Enzo Amore…

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