Impact Insider – “Decrepit Erection” Edition (Sep.16)

Sounded way better than RAW but still the score seems so close…


Usually during WWE heavy weeks, Impact starts to feel like a treat when I finally watch it. I’m not saying the WWE delivers bad shows, but Impact just feels like a breath of fresh air. This show in particular maintained freshness, while building on all the current feuds.

Opening Segment


One of the greatest elements about both Final Deletions were the the aftermath videos that followed. Now that Matt has Brother Nero on his side, I feel like the two can do much more with these types of vignettes. Also, these two cracked me up when Matt realized the first reincarnation of Jeff wasn’t the one he wanted.


I thought Lashley did a magnificent job at recovering from that terrible press conference we saw last week. He spoke with confidence, and I bought into his new found hate for EC3. It also helped that Grado interrupted him, as that…

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