CWC Week 9 (Sep.8)


Zack Sabre Jr vs Noam Dar

I applaud Mauro Ranallo for discussing how these two have history with each other. That allowed for this match to carry some substance outside of the work rate. Also, both men wrestle a quick and technical style, so watching them exchange moves was extremely fun. I felt like I was watching a fast chess game at times.

For a match that moved as fast as this one did, the selling was quite strong. I loved how they both took moments to sell high impact moves, before moving to the next set of technical maneuvers.

The story between these two was that Sabre was the veteran that had taught Dar, and they did a brilliant job at showcasing this throughout the match. Dar’s attitude alone was great, as he had that look of cockiness on his face because he knew everything Zack was going to do…

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