Ric Flair talks about Owens winning the Universal Championship and how Roman Reigns should be booked

I agree about Owens. I was surprised it took so long. When he came in there was basically no one else more fit to be champion but they held him down after his U.S. title run.

I disagree about Roman. I would keep him away from the Heavyweight Title as much as possible. He’s doing great in his feud with Rusev.



Recently, Flair revealed on his online show that he was pleased with WWE crowning Kevin Owens as the new Universal Champion. He said that Owens was a terrific in-ring worker and that he was one of the last true heels in the company. Flair heaped praise on Owens saying that he was an exceptional talent and did not rely on people’s opinion of him. Flair was also jubilant about Triple H’s return saying that Hunter raised the bar every time he appears on television.

Flair then put on his thinking hat and pondered over possible ways to book Roman Reigns. He suggested possible alternatives to shield Reigns from the persistent boos that continue to haunt him in almost every arena. Flair said that if he was put in the boots of WWE creative, then he would like to pair Roman Reigns with Owens and see how things went. He felt that both were…

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