CWC Week 8 (Sep.1)


As we enter the third round to the CWC, these upcoming matches only become more intense. This show in particular only made me more excited for next week.

Gran Metalik vs Akira Tozawa

Nothing against the competitors, but out of every match in this round, this one seemed like the least exciting. I think it may have something to do with the lack of story between the two.

Both Tozawa and Metalik are well versed in several styles of wrestling, and they did a good job at showcasing that in this match. The neat part about their versatility is that every style was gradually used as the action went one. This bout was also paced extremely well, as there wasn’t a moment where the outcome felt predictable.

I believe the two had many highlight worthy spots, however, I thought the one that stood out the most was their chop exchange…

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