Ric Flair predicts Seth Rollins to win the Universal Championship

I agree with Flair, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins as champions is what is best for business!



The 67-year-old veteran on the recent episode of his online podcast, The Ric Flair show, gave his stamp of approval to Seth Rollins. Flair was asked who he thinks, and who he wants to win the vacant WWE Universal Championship in the Fatal-4-Way match at next Monday’s RAW
“Oh, wow. Give me all the contestants again,” said Flair. “I like Seth Rollins”, Flair responded after learning that Rollins, Reigns, Big Cass and Kevin Owens were in contention for the title. Flair went on to say that he did not need to hear the other names because he apparently heard Rollins’ name and that was all he needed to hear.

Flair and his co-host Conrad Thompson however, steered clear of Bret Hart’s recent criticism of Rollins’ in-ring style. Hart had earlier taken a dig at Rollins saying that he believed someone could get killed if Rollins continued to wrestle the way he does. This is not…

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