On to the NXT One – Back to Brooklyn Edition (Aug.24)


If you didn’t watch Takeover, I thought this episode worked well as a highlight reel. The post Takeover show is always a throwaway. They’re taped before Takeover, meaning there’s no real follow up to the PPV.

Tye Dillinger vs Wesley Blake

The neat part about NXT is that sometimes we’ll get a long break from many of the mid card workers, and it feels exciting when they return to television. Well, this is how I felt when Dillinger’s music hit. It was also pretty easy to cheer for him, as I don’t think anybody cared to see Blake. Ever since Blake left his tag team, he doesn’t have any character to him (not like he had much before). However, I must give him credit, because his unwanted presence did help Dillinger get over even more with the crowd.

The actual match wasn’t anything special, but it was a good way…

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