The Smackdown Scoop – Go Home Edition (Aug.16)

With her suspension Eva has another excuse to not wrestle 😛

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After watching this episode of Smackdown, it’s interesting to see where the brand has come since that first week. This is now the third week where it’s been better than Raw in terms of quality.

Opening Segment

Miz TV was the perfect segment to kick off the show. As a fan, the Ziggler/Ambrose program has been the most interesting, so I’m glad they opened with it to fulfil my appetite.

For two babyfaces, these two continue to show dislike for one another. From what we’ve seen in the past, this isn’t always the easiest type of feud to showcase. During this promo, both Ambrose and Ziggler continued to demonstrate this. Their back and forth was excellent, as it was worthy of a go home confrontation. Ziggler especially stood out in this segment, and his superkick was easily the highlight.

The Usos, American Alpha & Hype Bros vs Vaudevillians, The…

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