WWE 2K17 News

WWE 2K17 is shaping up to be everything I hoped it would be. A recent screen shot showed the menu. The menu showed general manager, road to Wrestlemania, and a 2K showcase mode. We know the showcase won’t feature Brock Lenar because of superstars that won’t be in the game. To me that means no Kurt Angle as he would be the biggest name needed for such mode. Disappointing because I was hoping Angle would be in the game since he isn’t under contract with TNA. 

The roster so far seems to be what I expected. Every star from last year is back including Stardust. That comes as a surprise since they’ve had plenty of time to omit him. It’s gotta be easier to omit someone than add someone. I’m happy with the roster so far, though I could do without a few names. I don’t care about Larry Zybszko and most of the new generation probably couldn’t either. I’m sure pre orders just went flying up with his inclusion. Newcomers in the game, AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, The Dudley Boyz, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, Nia Jax, Apollo Crews, Shinsuke Nakamura. One would expect Mojo Rawly, Carmella, Bayley would also be included. DLC could include Gallows, Anderson, and Austin Aries. The roster is going to be bigger which is always good.

The new features that seem exciting is the fact that fighting in the crowd is back, backstage brawls, new ladder and triple threat innovations are included which is great news. Those matches were so frustrating because you can never seem to do enough damage to keep someone down long enough to do anything in time. Now that has changed. Players when damaged have to take a break outside the ring. Ladders can only be setup in certain places. All of that peaks my interest. The promo mode sounds exciting and a way to really make a player feel like they are part of the game. Don’t know much about the feature but it sounds good so far.

It will be interesting to see what general manager mode holds, road to Wrestlemania and the showcase. It does sound like 2K is listening to us fans and brining back modes we want. It’s starting to seem more like WWE No Mercy is being installed into this game and Here Comes the Pain. I’m looking forward to more being revealed about this game but so far it seems like it’s going to be much better than the previous installments.


5 thoughts on “WWE 2K17 News

  1. Can you link me to the screen you refer to with the modes? Haven’t heard anything about it.

    Although I don’t mind, I keep my video game posts on another blog, but this is WWE related anyway. You can find my posts here: https://javydreamercsw.wordpress.com/ Let me know if you want author access on that one. Have 3 WWE2k17 posts scheduled for later today. I would love your feedback on those and the ones already out.

    I’m really hoping for promo engine to be something like story mode, but I might be hoping for much.


  2. GM could be interesting assuming they put enough effort into it. Don’t see WWE Universe mode unless you need to scroll to the sides or something.

    Showcase on the Shield could be very interesting, but seems like it was more appropriate to have the Shield in the cover instead. They are everywhere on that screen shot 😛

    Maybe a Suplex City mode similar to the Streak.


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